Jaime Reyes

EPOCH cell medic


Before becoming a cell member of EPOCH, Jaime spent time in the military and served two tours overseas in combat. He accompanied his squad members as a first response medic and back-up in combat situations. Time spent bandaging his fallen comrades surrounded by small arms fire and explosions has given him nerves of steel and hardened his emotions. In response, it has made him somewhat detached. Some people mistake it for social ineptitude, gullibility, or attribute it to a sheltered life, but in actuality he just doesn’t care when people lie or try to persuade him. Once people have spent enough time around him, they get to know him as kind and honest person.

His role in the cell is similar to that when he was in the military. He tends the wounds that his cell-mates eventually get and provides a sort of jack-of-all trades assistance to the others. When on a mission that requires violence, he prefers to stay light on equipment and not up front where the bullets are flying. After all, if he gets hit, who’s gonna fix him up?

Jaime Reyes

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