Dark Mercenaries

Game Scheduling

Due to softball season with Damanar and wwomack, the game will be spottily run on Wednesday, with the option to fill in on Sundays if our other World of Darkness game is canceled. As soon as I have a long-term schedule for the softball games, I’ll post a schedule of games here.*

Character Creation
Pre-game Prep

We’ll be doing character creation (no actual gaming) on Wednesday, March 25th, at CCCG. Bring your World of Darkness book and a character sheet or two.

I’ve still yet to figure out what bonuses you’re going to get (you’ll be more experienced than normal humans,) so don’t worry about that yet. If you don’t have a character concept yet, that’s fine. I expect the party to work well together, so you might be able to find a niche that’s severely lacking. Of course, if the party is particularly deficient in an area, I’ll work around it like a good ST.

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